My story


My first whippet came 1997 from the famous Rivarco kennel from mother side.With her I started  1998 to breed puppies with particular attention to their health, character and socialization.  Other blood lines which added up into my kennel are: Brigadon, Alikewind, Sobers, Strippoker’s.


Kennel so to speak: forget box or pens if you come to see my dogs; but think more of sofas…. lined of whippets, yes since my …..girls live at home with me, they may go out in the garden when they want, where they find some comfortable little camps, but when they wish they may enter home and stay comfortably on the sofas to laze.


For my way of breeding, I am very happy that my puppies find a god family where insert themselves and live happily, in case then their human companion wish to take the challenge of entering the rings of the shows……welcome, I will be very happy about that!!

Talking about my dogs and whippets in general is for me always a great source of joy, therefore for any information do not doubt…..I will be glad to reply to any curiosity or doubt, CONTACT ME!